Austin 10 - Year Model Identification by Chassis Number
Year Month Chassis Alterations Particulars of Alteration
1932 June 1 630 Steering box Provision made for adjusting mesh worm and worm wheel by means of an external screw.
  Oct 5 800 Rear hub bearing and oil seal Leather oil sealing ring adopted.  Inner race of journal bearing increased in width.
  Sep 4 186 Head- and side lamps Larger dip-and-switch headlamps fitted with different steering column switch.
  Sep 4 186 Radiator filler cap Spring type cap fitted
  Nov 7 470 Petrol pump "Twelve Six" type of pump fitted.
  Dec 8 210 Frame stiffening Stiffening channels added to inside of front of each member.
1933 Jan ¹9 600 Petrol Pump and pipes Petrol unions and pipes of special design to obviate leaks.
  March 13 232 Valve cover studs Shorter valve cover studs introduced.
  March 13 237 Swivel axels Lubrication of swivel axel pins improved by special grooved bushes and additional greasers.
  May 16 967 Change speed lever Lower end of lever increased in thickness.
  July 21 000 Cross-braced frame Cross-braced frame introduced, minor changes in brake controls and silencer equipment.
  Aug 21 231 Synchromesh gearbox Synchromesh for third and top.
  Nov 25 550 Petrol tank Electric petrol gauge introduced.
  Nov 27 600 Van starting handle Fixed starting handle used.
  Nov 28 000 "V" type carburettor Latest type of carburettor adopted.
  Dec 29 100 Swivel arm keys Larger keys introduced.
1934 Jan 31 548 Exhaust pipe and silencer Silencer joint modified.
  April 34 830 Carburettor for overseas chassis Gauze type air cleaner fitted.
  May ¹42 000 Petrol pump and piping "T" type A.C. pump with hand primer lever introduced.
  June 41 559 Thermostat Included in standard specification.
  July 42 701 Propeller shaft Needle-bearing type of Hardy Spicer universal joint used.
  Aug 43 501 New program features Synchromesh for 2nd speed.  Sloping radiator cowl.  Foot operated dip switch. Automatic direction indicators, etc.
  Sep 44 633 Rear-axle case air vent Tube type introduced.
  Sep 45 809 Front brake control Cable operated system adopted
  Oct 46 000 Crown wheel Differential case and crown wheel bolted together instead of riveted.
1935 Jan 54 631 Valve springs Stronger type used
  Feb - Radiator filler Position changed to same side as oil filler.
  March 62 631 Headlamps Design modified, lamps and wiring self contained.
  June 68 569 Carbon clutch thrust Oil less type of clutch thrust introduced.
  July 70 494 Shock absorbers Luvax hydraulic type fitted.
  July - Crankshaft main bearings Shell type adopted.
  Aug 70 900 Air strangler control Increased in length.
  Aug 71 250 Bevel pinion adjusting sleeve Material altered from steel to cast iron and bearing area increased.
  Aug 71 656 Constant mesh gear Spiral angle increased; layshaft front cover altered in material and a spiral oil groove cut in laygear bushes.
  Sep 72 163 Swivel pin bushes Rolled sheet bushes used in place of bronze tubular bushes.
  Sep 73 258 Headlamps 24 Watt headlamps superseded by 36 Watt.
  Sep 73 412 Air cooled dynamo New type of dynamo adopted furnished with ventilation ducts and a cooling fan.
  Dec 79 169 Electrical earthing circuit Positive pole earthed.
  Dec 80 107 Export springs with metal bushes Bushes pegged in spring eye to prevent movement.
  Dec 80 598 Differential shaft Shape of keys and keyways altered.
  Dec 81 001 Steering unit New worm and sector type of steering gear.
  Dec 81 016 Thermostat and connexions Position of instrument altered.
1936 Jan 82 109 Front spring shackles for export Shackles and pins combined in one piece.
  Jan 82 940 Declutching lever spring Stronger springs fitted.
  Feb 83 616 Brake drums Steel drums superseded by cast iron.
  March 87 142 First and second speed fork rod Modified design.
  March 87 147 Radiator, support and cowl Alterations to suite new type bonnet hinges.
  March 87 491 Foot operated dip switch Modified design.
  April 90 887 Bevel pinion bearings Clearance transferred to create a pre-loaded thrust.
  May 91 754 Rear hub oil seal New design of oil retainer.
  May 92 151 Brake shoes and linings Steel shoes with different linings introduced.
  July 97 001 New program features New Cambridge saloons with Girling brakes, etc
1938 June - Engine Aluminium cylinder head fitted.
  June - Shock absorbers Piston type fitted.
  June - Brakes Piston grip handbrake.
1939 May - New 1940 model introduced New body style.  Combined floor and chassis and other improvements.
1941 - - Private car production ceased  
1944 - - Private car production recommenced Improvements included redesigned steering, new transmissions and timing chain silencers.
1947 Oct - Austin Ten superseded by 11 h.p. A40 model.  
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