Austin 12 - Year Model Identification by Chassis Number
Year Month Chassis Features Introduced
Austin Twelve (11.9HP)
1932 Inception of Light Twelve Four (11.9 HP)
1933 July 6 200 Cross braced frame introduced
1933 Aug 6 559 Synchromesh for 3rd and 4th speeds
1934 Aug 14 193 Synchromesh for 2nd speed.  Sloping cellulosed radiator cowl, automatic direction indicators and foot dip switch
  Sep 14 401 Thermostat fitted
  Oct 15 065 Carbon thrust bearing introduced for clutch
    15 315 Bowden cable operation adopted for front brakes
1935 Feb 18 422 Radiator filled cap placed same side as oil filler
  June 21 607 Worm and sector "hourglass" steering adopted
  July 22 700 Downdraught type carburetor adopted
  Nov 26 527 Positive Pole Earthing
1936 April 31 089 Rubber mounted change speed lever
  June 33 759/848 Cast brake drums and steel brake shoes
    33 898 Clutch cover with oil pipe fitted
1938 July   Engine: higher compression ratio; aluminum cylinder head; larger inlet valves.  Connecting rods drilled for cylinder lubrication
  July   Spring centre clutch disc
  July   Positive lubrication and interleaving for spring leaves.  Piston type shock absorbers.
1939 Aug   Engine: larger crankshaft; barrel-shaped tappets; cone-shaped oil filter; vacuum control of ignition timing
  Aug   Torsion bar anti-roll stabilizers
  Aug   Provision for built-in heating and air conditioning
1946     Gearbox extension housing to provide additional bearings for propeller shaft
1948     Production ceased
Austin Heavy Twelve (12.8HP)
1927 Aug 27 179 Raised radiator and cowl and longer bonnet.  Track increased from 4ft 4in to 4ft 8in.
1928 July 49 801 Larger fuel tank and Hobson Telegauge fitted
1929 March 56 519 Ball type gear change
1930 Feb 62 061 Air cleaner fitted
  Dec 67 752 Zenith 'U' type carburetor fitted
1931 April 68 592 "All black" finish instead of plated instrument rims
1932 May 71 001 Hardy Spicer type propeller shaft introduced
  Sep 71 751 Luvax hydraulic type shock absorbers introduced
1933 Feb 72 351 Twintop gearbox, coupled hand- and foot brake controls and flood lit instruments
  Sep 74 372 Cross-braced frame, synchromesh gearbox, rubber engine mountings, modified brakes, steering and new front and rear axles
1934 Aug 77 012 Synchromesh incorporated for 2nd gear
  Nov 77 814 Sloping cellulosed radiator cowl.  Coil ignition and automatic advance.  Zenith 'V' type carburettors with air cleaners.  Automatic direction indicators and flood switch
1935 April 78 827 Radiator filler cap same side as oil filler
  June 79 243 Marles-Weller cam and lever steering introduced

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