I am a proud owner of an Austin 10/4 1933 & Austin 8 Six Light 1946.  On the 20 March 2009 I added a little Baby Austin, a 1954 A30 four door to my collection.

And the collection grew again on 25 July 2011, when I purchased a 1948 Austin A125 Sheerline.

On many occasions I have tried to get some information about the vehicle and other models and often people will not help. 

This lead me to create this website, as I want to share as much information with other Austin Owners as possible. 

If you have any information and would like me to add, drop me an email and I will gladly add it.



 1933 Austin 10/4

1933 Austin A10 Four

 1946 Austin 8 Six Light

1947 Austin A8 Six Light

1947 Austin A125 Sheerline

1947 Austin A125 Sheerline

1954 Austin A30 Four Door